December Service Project: FOHA


For our annual Service Project, which takes place Dec. 3, we’ll be collecting and making supplies for local pet rescue group FOHA (Friends of Homeless Animals) and learning what they do – and what you can do – to help companion animals. FOHA runs a wonderful no-kill shelter in Aldie and a resale store in Chantilly that benefits it.

What are we collecting for FOHA before our Dec. 3 SU meeting?
FOHA said they could primarily use cleaning supplies (they prefer non-toxic, unscented types),
as they go through those so much:
 Bleach
 Dish soap
 Laundry detergent (they normally use the brand All)
 Paper towels
 Garbage bags
 Regular towels (for cleanups and pet bedding – can be old but must be prewashed)
 Pedigree canned dog food (they always need this)

What else should we do before our December 3 rd SU meeting?
 Save old socks, to recycle into Happy Socks. The socks can have small holes and can be discolored
but must be prewashed. Kid-sized or larger (it’s hard to tie knots in toddler/infant socks). Get
these to me by Thanksgiving so I know how much stuffing and catnip to buy for the Happy Socks.
 Talk with your troop – find out what they already know about homeless animals and animal shelters;
keep a list of questions or concerns they might have.


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