NEW THIS YEAR: ACH Electronic Debit for Cookie Sales

There are new changes happening this season related to troop cookie payments. Instead of depositing into Council’s bank account, troops will deposit all cookie money into their troop account.

Troops must submit the ACH Electronic Debit Authorization Form to the SU Money Manager by Dec. 20 . Troops may not order or receive cookies until the ACH Electronic Debit Authorization Form has been submitted.

GSCNC will debit each troop’s bank account with four scheduled debit transactions and will never debit more from a troop account than is available, resulting in insufficient funds.

The four scheduled debit transactions will include a ‘test’ debit of $1.00, which is scheduled to happen in February, and then three additional debits:

  • Two weeks after the initial order, $2.00 per box will be debited based on 50% of the Girls’ Initial Order boxes
  • March 20th, $2.00 per box will be debited based on 75% of the troop’s total order (minus the 50% Girl Initial Order already received)
  • April 20th, the remaining balance of the troop’s cookie responsibility will be debited

The $1.00 February debit will be credited towards the debit after the initial order.

To mitigate the risk of bounced checks, GSCNC is extending to troops its partnership with Check Again (Fiserv). If your Troop enrolls, your bank will automatically forward bounced checks to Check Again to pursue payment.

This service is free of change to Troops at all points, though your bank may continue to charge a fee for depositing a bounced check.

To enroll, visit

Once enrolled, you will receive a welcome packet with further details and access to reporting and check data online.


ACH Frequently Asked Questions

ACH Cookie Kickoff Presentation

Check Again Program Overview

Check Again Terms & Conditions


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