Juniors Use Girl Scout First Aid Lessons to Aid Choking Classmate

SU 51-7 was proud to recently commend four members of Junior Troop 4102 for their quick-thinking actions that helped save a Fox Mill Elementary classmate from choking, thanks to a November 2013 First Aid badge program during  which they learned various lifesaving techniques (pictures of the program immediately below).

From left: Taylor Anderson, Melissa Herr, Samantha Ponce, Gracie Larrick and Ruhi Jame

From left: Taylor Anderson, Melissa Herr, Samantha Ponce, Gracie Larrick and Ruhi Jame

Troop 4102 leader Tina Anderson shares their story:

On Friday, Jan. 10, 2014, during their lunch hour at Fox Mill Elementary School in Herndon, Virginia, four 4th grade Junior Girl Scouts jumped to the aid of their classmate as she found herself choking on a piece of food. Using the skills that they recently learned in a First Aid class they attended with other Junior troops from [SU 51-7], the four girl scouts (ages 9 & 10) immediately jumped in to action. The young girl who was choking was sitting at the same table as fourthth graders Taylor Anderson, Ruhi Jame, Melissa Herr and Gracie Larrick, all from Junior Troop 4102. Ruhi recognized the signs immediately that her friend was choking. She saw that her friend was turning red, not breathing, and holding her throat with her hands indicating that she was choking.

Ruhi immediately jumped up and began patting her friend on the back. Then Melissa yelled aloud that their friend was choking. Taylor then jumped to assist Ruhi in helping their friend, told their friend to try and drink, but the liquid would not go down.

Immediately, Taylor called to Melissa and Gracie to get an adult for help. Both Gracie and Melissa jumped in to action and ran to get the adults in the cafeteria to come to their friends’ aid. Ruhi and Taylor did not leave their friends’ side. All four girls remained completely calm, did not panic, and took immediate action until an adult could arrive to help.

Taylor was about to perform the Heimlich Maneuver which she learned to do in a situation such as this one, but an adult was there in no time to help the young girl get the food dislodged from her throat. After the young girl was taken to the clinic, the adults came to talk with the girls in the cafeteria to find out exactly what happened. All four girls were well-versed in explaining exactly what they witnessed and the action they took to help their friend. Without their help, their friend could have been in serious danger.

As other young children in the cafeteria looked on in complete shock, silence and some panicking desperately, these four brave young girls knew exactly what do to, how to do it, and did it well. The concern they had for their friend, following all of this, was touching. All four girls asked another adult to go in to the Health Clinic (where they were not allowed to go) to find out how she was doing.

This is the story of four very brave young Girl Scouts who jumped to the aid of a friend in distress and used what they learned as Girl Scouts to apply themselves in a situation that is very scary for anyone, adult or child.

SU 51-7 is incredibly proud of these 4 girls and issued Certificates of Commendation in recognition of their bravery and presence of mind in the face of a first aid emergency! Lifesavers


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