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Silver Award Project: Kylie, Troop 286

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At the April SU meeting, Kylie gave a presentation on her Silver Award project and described her work as a staff member at Camp Primavera at Camp Crowell during Spring Break 2015.

Kylie planned and ran the Drama Center, helping girls to learn about Girl Scouts and develop their self-confidence through games and hands-on activities. She selected this project in order to help expose more girls to the opportunities that Girl Scouts has to offer and provide for the girls.

Great job, Kylie!!!

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Volunteer Appreciation Week

Join our Girl Scout Birthday Safari Dance Party!

Safari girlOn Saturday, March 7, come celebrate Girl Scout Birthday at our SU Safari Dance Party! There will be lots of games, activities, projects to take home, yummy food to eat, dancing and so much more! Daisies, Brownies and Juniors will be able to accomplish certain requirements for:

  • The Daisy “3 Cheers for Animals” Journey
  • Brownies Pets Badge
  • Juniors Animal Habitats Badge

Older Girl Scouts (Cadettes-Ambassador) are invited to volunteer to help the younger girls with the crafts and games, then join in the festivities with dinner and dancing to top off the night!

Click on the following link for more info:

Safari Dance Party Flyer_2015

Click on the following link for the registration flyer:

Registration Form_Safari Dance Party_March 2015

GSCNC 2015 Camp information

Camping/Property Department Dates:

  • Mid January—Summer Camp flyer mailed out
  • January 28: 10 AM – Sleep-Away Camp Registration opens for Winona & Coles Trip
  • January 30: 10 AM – Sleep-Away Camp Registration opens for Potomac Woods & May Flather
  • February 11: 10 AM – Registration opens for Day & Evening Camp

Two Registration Dates for Sleep-Away Camp Volume
Due to the volume of camp registrations last year, two dates have been scheduled to stagger use of the system and increase the level of customer service.

  • On January 28, at 10:00 AM registration opens for Camp Winona and Coles Trip.
  • On January 30, at 10:00 AM registration opens for Camp Potomac Woods and May Flather.

Our website contains details about each of the sleep-away, day and evening Camp programs as well as dates for par-ent information sessions, financial assistance information and transportation logistics. By mid January, every registered Girl Scout family will receive a camp poster in the mail. The camp flyer includes all of the day and evening camp dates and locations. It also highlights the four sleep-away camp properties and the types of programs being offered. A complete list of all of sleep away camp pro-grams can be found online:

Before Registering for Camp

Remember, sleep-away camp registration is first-come, first-served. Encourage parents and leaders to up-date their camper accounts now, before registering for camp, to minimize technical difficulties and ensure swift registration. The online system will only allow girls to register for camp programs based on the grade currently listed in their account. If the grade in their account is incorrectly listed, parents will receive an er-ror and be unable to register. For safety reasons, it is critical that the contact information in each account is also updated. The contact information is given to camp staff as emergency contact information; please en-sure its accuracy for girl safety. For detailed instructions on how to update your camper’s account visit:

Summer Day & Evening Camp Applications Accepted

Registration opens on February 11. To register and view a list of all day and evening camp offerings visit:


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